Lightroom Classic 2021

2021 | Content Photography Visual

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Paolo Pettigiani’s image has been chosen as the new Splash Screen (loading screen) for Adobe Lightroom Classic 2021!
With his infrared photography, Paolo aspires to highlight the beauty that surrounds us and that is too often forgotten, through graphic and visual exploration. With Infraland, a photographic - artistic - social project, he wants to put nature in the foreground, by emphasizing its hidden colors, which cannot be seen by the human eye.
Infrared photography is a look into the invisible world. The human eye can see wavelengths from about 400nm-700nm (from purple to red); infrared is the light beyond 700nm. IR photography can be done with either infrared film, or a digital camera, and typically involves near infrared light in the 590nm to 1200nm range.

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Adobe Lightroom Splash Screen
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Paolo Pettigiani