Why we do it

We would like to be able to tell you
/ we too
That the future sucks.

That it looks like one of those movies where a small family runs away from robots in the middle of a sandstorm
We would like to be able to tell you that you will have to live forever with a mask on your face /
That you will have to spend the next three hundred years eating moss and lichens
That our cities will be submerged /
Or burned /
Or frozen /
That we will all die from unknown diseases /
Very young /
That bringing children into the world will be a crime
Something wrong /
A tremendous injustice.

We would like to tell you this.
And maybe /
Maybe /
Or, probably
It’s also true

It’s true:
that the climate is going to hell /
It’s true:
that hatred and intolerance are devouring Western democracies /
It’s true:
that our development model is based on the Ferragni feed /

It is true.

Stop a second /
Look around /

There are those who wake up in the morning and go to work /
Pay their taxes /
Respect their partners /
The environment /
The state /
People that consume responsibly /
Do the recycling /
When they can, choose take the train instead of the plane /
That go on vacation in their own country instead of in the Balearics /
Vote /
Read /
Go to the cinema /
To the theatre /
To exhibitions.

Smile /
Resist /
Don’t complain /
Don’t use social media to spread hate /
But, perhaps, to post a thought / about the world.

Have you thought about it?
You can do something.
You can tell the beauty.
You can tell the truth.
You can tell what’s right.

You can communicate better.
And make this place a little better, every day.
Or at least try.

It’s not about just doing something
But doing it just.

no panic
do it just.