Arte Povera Domani

2019 | Branding Editorial Visual

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Arte Povera (literally, poor art) is a contemporary art movement that took place in Italy between the ’60s and the ’70s. Artists such as Germano Celant, Mario Merz and Jannis Kounellis - among many others - found then their artistic base in Turin, taking a stance for a return to simple objects and messages as an attack to the values of the established institutions and the industry.

Being a unique of its kind center for artistic conservation worldwide, the Centro Conservazione e Restauro “La Venaria Reale”, asked us the following question: “How is it possible to guarantee a correct transmission of such essential artistic pieces to the future? What tools can we introduce and what evidence must we preserve so that the Arte Povera works can be correctly and fully enjoyed by visitors of today and tomorrow?”

This is how the project Arte Povera Domani was born: a digital archive where artistic works are not only cataloged, but also told, piece after piece, so that curators will one day still be able to correctly install them in their ateliers exactly the way the artist would have wanted.

The project Arte Povera Domani was intirely curated by no panic, from the starting creative concept to the brand identity, from web design to the UX together with our collaborator Axelina Gunnarsson.


Giulio Rubinelli Paolo Pettigiani Eugenio Damasio Axelina Gunnarsson