Chitè Milano – Case History

Client: Chitè Milano
Sector: Clothing - Women's Underwear
Period: July - September 2021
Service: full package consultancy
Working steps: 4
Working method: Background Analysis, Brand Strategy, Brand Staging®️, Purpose & Action driven strategy

Who is Chitè

Chitè is an Italian lingerie brand, made by women for women. This brand aims to revitalize Made in Italy craftsmanship by employing the labor of corset makers in the Langhe area. It is the first brand in its sector to create a made-to-measure product starting from a digital platform for measuring individual sizes. Four years after Chité was founded, the company asked nopanic & act to take stock of its brand and communication strategy.

Step 1

Background analysis

Desk assessment: competitive market scenario, analysis of competitors’ communication on and offline, analysis of brand communication, study of consumption trends related to the reference market.

Step 2

Brand Staging®

Combining the most successful acting techniques in theater and film with what we call “human branding”, we bring your brand to life. 

In the Report accompanying the Video, the characteristic traits of the two characters, Brand and Audience, are highlighted, deepened in their small data, emerged during the Brand Staging® workshop.

Step 3

Purpose & Action

Once the brand has been humanized, it will be from the Brand Staging® workshop itself that the elements that we need to identify the brand purpose, the Brand Purpose, will emerge. This is not just a nice concept to show off on the company touchpoints, but a real guideline that should permeate the entire activity, far beyond simple communication.  For Chitè no panic & act has identified a purpose that would be able to combine the essence of the brand mission to its community, together with the specificity of the product, laying the groundwork for a concrete commitment over the years to come. The focus is marked (being a born good for what concerns environmental sustainability) on social sustainability, committing to build gender awareness in the community of reference.


Consciousness made-to-measure.


The Purpose encapsulates why a brand exists and the values it intends to convey to the people who will choose that product or service. Beyond the profit it wants to make from it.

Step 4

Brand Value Proposition

The Brand Value Proposition is given by the combination of Mission, Vision and Purpose at corporate level. From it directly derives the positioning of the brand, fundamental for the communication to the consumer. 

In conclusion, for Chitè we have created a Brand Soul Book: a booklet that collects the essence of the brand in its entirety, combining the new Brand Value Proposition to the analysis of Brand Character that emerged from the workshop.

An additional tool available to the company – not only for communication and marketing – to align the brand personality across all departments, creating a strong and shared identity, consistent and human to distinguish the brand on the market and make its tone of voice unique.

Now Chitè is ready to start fresh, having found its soul, being human and confident in the future.


Giulio Rubinelli Susanna Bellandi